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Golden Treasury

Golden Treasury - Diverse Income Opportunities Beyond Holding

Golden Inu Token is dedicated to building a self-sustaining ecosystem within the Golden Horde, where members can access a wide array of products and services without ever leaving the community.
Beyond simply holding the Golden Inu token, you can benefit from multiple income streams through various dApps such as Golden Bazarr, Golden Dex, Golden Quest, and more on the horizon (please refer to the roadmap). These applications offer profitable opportunities and generate revenue that will flow into the Golden Treasury smart contract. From there, it will be distributed fairly among all members of the Golden Horde who hold $GOLDEN.
As a potential investor, here is what you can expect:
  • Multiple income opportunities beyond just holding the token.
  • A share of the profits from the Golden Ecosystem through the Golden Treasury for $GOLDEN holders.
  • A long-term, sustainable project with continuous development and growth potential ( so more passive income )