The Golden Horde understands the importance of strategic planning and a well-defined roadmap to achieve long-term success. Our detailed roadmap, presented below, lays the foundation for the growth and development of our project, ensuring that we consistently adapt and innovate to stay ahead in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Our roadmap illustrates the key milestones and objectives we aim to accomplish and serves as a testament to our commitment towards transparency and community engagement. We believe in keeping our community informed and involved at every step of our journey, fostering trust and collaboration.

Please find the $GOLDEN - Golden Inu roadmap below, encompassing various aspects of our project, including:

  1. Technical Development: Implementation of robust and scalable solutions, while exploring opportunities for future integrations and expansion.

  2. Marketing and Partnerships: Spreading awareness about $GOLDEN, forging strategic alliances, and promoting growth within our ecosystem.

  3. Community Building: Nurturing an active and supportive community that shares our vision and contributes to the success of $GOLDEN.

  4. Governance: Ensuring a fair and sustainable token distribution model and effective governance mechanisms for a truly decentralized experience.

As we progress along our roadmap, we will continuously evaluate and refine our strategies to ensure that $GOLDEN - Golden Inu remains at the forefront of the cryptocurrency space, delivering value to our community and investors. Together, we will make $GOLDEN shine even brighter!

Golden Vision: The Path To Success & Domination


  • Website launch

  • BSC $GOLDEN Token launch

  • CoinGecko listing

  • CoinMarketCap listing

  • Social Media Building

  • Team KYC (assuredefi.com)


  • Golden Dashboard

  • Golden Quest / Zealy

  • Press Release

  • Contests & giveways

  • Big Golden Rush Prize

  • Ethereum Expansion

  • Merchandise Drop

  • NFT Drop


  • DEX deployment

  • Ethereum $GOLDEN Launch

  • $GOLDEN Bridge

  • CEX Listing

  • Global marketing campaigns

  • Contract $Golden Treasury

  • First Golden Treasury Dividend

  • P2E game release

  • Philanthropic Initiatives

  • 20,000 holders


  • Brand New Website

  • $Golden Bazaar (marketplace)

  • 50,000 holders

  • $Golden Pad (launchpad)

  • Major Partnership

  • Dev Grant Program

  • Dapp Reveal

  • 50,000 holders

  • Burn Portal & Dividen Portal

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