๐Ÿ“‹Golden Quest

In collaboration with Zealy.io, DeWork.xyz & QuestN.com, we're thrilled to introduce Golden Quest.

Our core initiative, Golden Inu DeWork, allows you to choose roles on Discord that align with your skills and interests. Every application is meticulously reviewed to ensure only the most suitable candidates gain access to the Golden Inu Job platform. As a token of our appreciation for your contributions, you'll be paid in Golden, ETH, or BNB.

The Golden Horde comprises various alliances, each signifying your contribution and the wealth you seek to accumulate. As an Applicant on the Discord server, you gain access to various quests, interactions with fellow Horde members, and opportunities to propose alternative decisions.

  • The Expansion Alliance: The Frontier Force The Frontier Force is dedicated to expanding the Golden Hordeโ€™s reach and impact. Their mission is to raise awareness and drive adoption among new users, employing innovative marketing strategies and outreach efforts to forge a robust community and attract newcomers.

  • The Tech Alliance: The Code Warriors Consists of skilled developers passionate about Web3 technology and the Golden Horde. They collaborate to decentralise the development process and create a user-friendly, secure, scalable core product. Rewarded with BNB and GOLDEN tokens, they continuously seek new contributors to join their cause.

  • The Copywriter Alliance: The Narrators are adept copywriters responsible for crafting engaging and informative content for the Golden Horde. Through stories, articles, and other written materials, they educate users about the platform and its features, spreading awareness and driving adoption with content that resonates with their target audience.

  • The Designer Alliance: The Visionaries are talented designers committed to bringing the Golden Horde to life through their designs. They create logos, user interfaces, and other visual elements to enhance user understanding and interaction with the platform, ensuring the Golden Horde is visually appealing and user-friendly.

  • The Operations Alliance: The Backbone Brigade The Backbone Brigade manages the day-to-day operations of the Golden Horde. They handle administrative tasks, oversee finances, and ensure smooth platform functioning. Supporting the other alliances guarantees that the Golden Horde remains on track and achieves its goals.

  • The Babylon Alliance: The Arkads The Arkads represent investors seeking long-term crypto benefits without active involvement beyond investment. Golden Inu serves as their crypto-Babylon, and their support is demonstrated through token ownership within the ecosystem.

In parallel, we've launched the Golden Inu QuestN, an instrumental tool designed to extend our community reach and enhance our social media footprint. This initiative involves simple tasks such as tweeting, retweeting, commenting on Reddit, creating memes, and holding specific NFTs. While participants can earn experience and rewards, the Quest3 selection process is primarily luck-based, with a few chosen through a lucky draw.

Our Golden Quest represents the coming together of cutting-edge WEB3 tools to create a dynamic, interactive, and rewarding experience for our community The Golden Horde. Links to the Dapps: Zealy: https://zealy.io/c/goldeninutoken QuestN: https://app.questn.com/GoldenInuToken DeWork: https://app.dework.xyz/golden-inu

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